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ugly_children's Journal

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children
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uglier than thou;

mega thank you to tristia for the flyer!

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children is an internet radio show that broadcasts live on CJLO from Montreal every Monday between 3pm & 5pm -- movin' on up: every wednesday from 5pm to 7pm. Your ugly but polite hosts are nassim (dj nassu) & salamalek (dj axiene).

The purpose of this community is to publish our playlists and upcoming events related to Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, such as interviews, reviews, gigs, & other events. Moreover, every episode will be made available for download.

In addition, we are very interested in promoting and supporting various forms of “dark art” on the air and in this community. Bands, artists, zines, and performers of all sorts -- IF YOUR STYLE FITS THE BILL, drop us a line [theuglychildrenatcjlodotcom], we're always interested in promoting good music & art! We may be ugly and suffer from rabies, but only bite on occasion, so don't be shy :]


1. No flaming
2. Respect for each other.
3. No racism.
4. No promoting other communities unless you're approved by one of the mods [nassim or salamalek].
5. We do accept the posting of flyers for various events, but please get in touch first with one of the mods for approval prior to posting them.

Check out our myspace disaster & add us!
13th chime, 1919, 45 grave, action pact, adam and the ants, alien sex fiend, and also the trees, andi sexgang, anna-varney, anorexic dread, artery, ausgang, balaam & the angel, basking sharks, bauhaus, beyond the pale, big electric cat, blood & roses, bone orchard, bronski beat, bérurier noir, calling dead red roses, cccp, chainsaw!, chameleons uk, charge, christian death, chrome, cinema strange, clan of xymox, cocteau twins, coil, curl, current 93, danielle dax, danse macabre, dark punk, dark wave, david bowie, deadfly ensemble, death in june, death rock, deathcult, depeche mode, der plan, eat your make-up, einstürzende neubauten, fad gadget, felt, feud, fields of the nephilim, furyo, gang of four, gary numan, gavin friday, geld, gene loves jezebel, gitane démone, glam, glam-goth, goth, grauzone, h-bomb white noise, ii invasion, in excelsis, indians in moscow, into the abyss, japan, johnny rotten, joy division, kastle greyskull, killing joke, legendary pink dots, leitmotiv, leningrad sandwich, love spit love, maurice seezer, modern english, modern eon, murder at the registry, nccp, neo folk, neon judgement, new model army, new order, new wave, nick cave, nico, nina hagen, no wave, panic button, party day, pil, pink industry, play dead, pneumania, post-punk, red lorry yellow lorry, red temple spirits, ritual, rosetta stone, sad lovers and giants, samhain, santeria, screams for tina, sexbeat, sexgang children, siglo xx, siouxsie and the banshees, skeletal family, skinny puppy, sol invictus, southern deathcult, specimen, star industry, stephan eicher, the arch, the birthday party, the church, the creatures, the cure, the dancing did, the danse society, the dark, the deep eynde, the fall, the gruesomes, the merry thoughts, the misfits, the scene, the screaming dead, the smiths, the sound, the swans, the vanishing, theatre of hate, tones on tail, trisomie 21, tubeway army, tuxedomoon, twisted nerve, uk decay, vex, virgin prunes, vital sines, wasted youth, wire, x-ray spex, xmal deutschland, zero le creche